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We are blessed with latest online technology that we used to provide financial services. Whether you have personal desires or are facing tough problems like CCJ, you have the liberty to borrow money online. Simple application and no affect on your credit ratings.

Poor Credit? You’re Eligible to Borrow

We are among the most reliable online loan lenders in the UK, which are dedicated towards people with less-than-perfect credit score.

Whether a small financial issue or any other short term need, we have the specialised loans for you.

Want Instant Funding? You Get the Same

We are meant to be fast among others in presenting the appropriate funding.

As soon as you send loan query to us, we quickly look over it and start disbursing the desired funds after a few minutes of application submitted by the borrowers.

Utilised the Borrowed Money for Any Purpose

Want loans to strong your business base? Do you need money to accomplish your personal desires?

You get the solution for your every financial need. Trust us and try us, we are available 24/7 for your concern. You get the right guidance from experienced financial expert.

Loan Benefits

The UK marketplace may have a number of direct lenders providing different sorts of loans. We are also the direct lender but scores more in terms of giving borrower-friendly loan features. People who are unemployed or carrying the burden of bad credit are always our primary borrowers and we have special loan deals for first-time borrowers too.

Best Illustration of Flexible Lending

We allow you to choose your own loan and repayment term. You just analyse your current financial situation and decide the amount. We will handle rest of the proceedings that will include quick loan approval and fund disbursal.

Best Chance of Loan Approval

Do not think that your poor credit or unemployment or CCJ won’t allow you to avail the loan services. With us, you have the best chances of getting the loan approval whatever your financial status is. Just go for loans...

Online Process Ensures Convenience

We know too much of paperwork will only delay your loan process. It is the reason why we have introduced a complete online loan process that not includes any documentation and guarantees instant loan decision.

Advantage of Same Day Funding

The period of financial emergency forces you to arrange fast funding. If you approach us, we will bring the advantage of same day funding without asking too much in terms of loan obligations. Transfer of funds will be done in a few minutes.

A Lending Paradise where Responsibility meets with Reliability

In a short span of time, we have become a pioneer in offering lending solutions through digital platform. Thousands of borrowers have already benefited from our professional lending and many are waiting. We feel blessed to have to the team that we think the best among any direct lending company. Our aim is to assist you responsibly and to win the trust of more borrowers through reliability.

  • You can connect with us anytime and anywhere in the UK
  • Quick and simple method of lending attracts everyone
  • Competitive APRs and flexible repayment plans
  • Apply for loans through text message

In the nutshell, you will have everything that you always aspire from any direct lender.

Simple, Swift and Short Application Process

Of course, you have approached us to get the immediate funding access. We don’t disappoint you. Just come online and start applying for the loans here that includes these simple steps:
Apply Online

Open up an online application form, enter your details and submit it.

Receive an Instant Quote

Once your loan application gets approval, receive a quick loan quote from us via mail.

Funds Transfer within 60 Seconds

We don’t want that you have to wait for your money. We let the fund transfer just after the approval.

Fast and Flexible Loans for Bad Credit

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Our Borrowers’ Appreciation in Words

Our financial help has opened up multiple opportunities for the borrowers. It is why they have appreciated our efforts that we are highlighting here.

Borrowing was never easy for me especially when I got multiple rejections from the bank due to poor credit score. After consulted by one of my friends, I approach Safe Money Loan and wow, it proved a correct decision for me. I am really thankful to you guys for providing me quality lending.

Elbert, UK

I thought bad credit score does not allow anyone to apply for the loans, but it does. I got this belief by getting the bad credit payday loans from this reliable direct lending company. Trust me guys, these are indeed the genuine private lender especially for those having the issues like low credit or CCJ. Thanks a lot!

Julia, London, UK


Amount of credit £2,500 for 2 years. Interest rate: 10.3% pa (fixed). 24 scheduled monthly payments of £115.18. Total repayment of £2,777.01. Interest: £277.01.Representative 275.76% APR.
Warning : Late repayment can cause you serious money problems. For help, go to moneyadviceservice.org.uk

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