What are CCJ loans?

The CCJ Loans are available for those individuals who have County Court Judgement (CCJ) in the past or have at present. The court issues the order after the lender files complaint against the borrowers as they have not paid credit card payment or not made loan repayment.

The order lasts in the borrowers’ credit profile for 6 years with the tag of:

  • ‘Satisfied’ (if all debts get cleared); and
  • ‘Unsatisfied’ (if debts are still pending).

CCJ is the way to collect the money given by the lender to the borrowers after the consequent attempts like emails, letters and phone calls have been unsuccessful.

Many lending firms are not interested in funding people with CCJ. We are here allowing them to get a loan with CCJ if their recent payment record showing good improvement.

Can you revive from a financial mess with bad credit loans for CCJ?

Having a bad credit situation and that too, with the complication of County Court Judgement is the absolute presence of viciousness. You find it difficult, in fact, impossible to come out of the mess and regain the lost peace of financial life. Loans for CCJ are necessary to go into the picture to bring ease in such a chaotic situation. At Safe Money Loan, we provide ccj loans with no guarantor that are cheapest amongst all the deals offered by the direct lenders. We have an aim to bring you back the normality, and for that, our specialised loan products play the critical role. They ensure prevention from the worst consequences of CCJ as well as adverse credit score. Customised deals strengthen the rescue plan we prepare for you.

Why bad credit CCJ loans and how they help?

The loans are the best tools to revive finances, as they do not just provide funds but also make finances stronger. You borrow funds not for the sole purpose to feed a financial crisis. Improvement in credit rating is also an important purpose.

We provide you funds through tailored deals with no guarantor to facilitate easy repayments. With every timely payment, the credit score takes a boost. The funds you avail can be used to pay some of your debts. This facilitates faster escape from the CCJ chaos.

ccj loans for bad credit

What do you need to get your loan approved?

To provide repose from stressful complications of CCJ and very poor credit score, we approve the majority of the applications. As our prime concern is to help you bring back the good days, we give you an easy acceptance. However, for that, we need to have some support from your side.

  • Prove your repayment capacity against the loan amount through current income status
  • In case your current income is not sufficient to prove repayment capacity,provide a backup. This can be either guarantor or collateral. But this is OPTIONAL.

Does Safe Money Loan run a hard credit check?

With CCJ, you have all the reasons to feel annoyed from credit check. Don’t worry we have suitable arrangements to keep you away from this mess. Our loan procedures are free from the formalities of credit score perusal. In place of that, we take some of your financial and personal details. Your salary slip, job stability proof, bank statement, current home address etc. are required to help us take instant approval decision. Keep no worries, come to us, and we will provide you with money without a credit check.

What are the features of CCJ loans?

Through certain qualities, we help you ensure that your scattered situation achieves betterment.

  • Bad as well as very bad credit scorers can apply
  • Immediate approval decision
  • 24x7 availability
  • 100% online procedures
  • Instant approval decision
  • Fund disbursement in the minimum possible time
  • No upfront fee, no hidden charges
  • Borrower-friendly repayment plans
  • No physical verification required

Who can apply for bad credit loans for CCJ?

However, our bucket of a beneficiary is quite big but it is necessary that you must know it precisely.

  • Employed
  • Unemployed
  • People on benefits
  • Self-employed (start-up as well as established businesses)
  • Single parents
  • People awaiting judgement under a criminal charge
  • Retired people up to the age of 65 years

Anyone who can prove the repayment capacity against the asked amount can get loans from us.

How can CCJ loans improve your financial condition?

When you take the bad credit CCJ loan and repay it on time, your situation in the following circumstances improves.

With CCJ After you get our solution
You can lose your job or may fail to switch to a new job opportunity. Improved credit score remove the obstructions of career.
You fail to get a home on rent Better financial situation helps on this aspect
You cannot qualify for financial products With our loans you improve rating and can apply for any financial opportunity

How much time does it take to get back to good days?

It is something that depends on the tenure and the loan type that you opt for. We have payday loans for CCJs that get accepted with the rate of 99% as well as personal loan. Also, the loan amount matters a lot.

Loan Tenure – 3 months ----------------------------- 36 months

Loan Amount - £1000 --------------------------------- £5000

Time to get back to good days

As the maximum duration, we offer for the loan is 36 months, this is what you can consider but as the due duration. Besides, it all depends on the individual situation. If you borrow for 24 months and repay the funds on time, then your stress, as well as mess time gets over, in just 24 months. Or if the tenure is 12 months, things get done in a shorter duration. All depends on you and your affordability.

What do you need to do to get a suitable deal?

Offer a suitable deal

The bad credit situation acts severely when it pairs with CCJ. To provide an instant and due solution and save time, we expect you to do the following things.

Kindly check your credit score before applying – We may have some questions about your credit records. Also, we do not want to miss any information. If you check it, you can ensure that all the details are mentioned there.

Get registered in the electoral roll on current address – This is important to help us find your current location easily. Some applicants lose their chance to qualify for loans due to wrong address information. Do not let it happen in your case. Besides, the electoral roll helps us know your existence better as a citizen.

Safe Money Loan dedicates its loan products for the betterment of financial atmosphere. We are more than ready to help you have a better tomorrow. Just give us some basic situations so that we can work on your application and then consider your job done.

FAQ's about CCJ loans

Can I get a loan with CCJ?

If you fulfil certain conditions, you can surely get a loan with County Court Judgement (CCJ). The requirements can be:

  • You must be an employed person
  • Your recent credit performance should be good
  • You have requested a small borrowing amount
Payday loans for CCJs are accepted or not?

Acceptance is there but not in the case of all the lenders. Several payday loan companies accept applicants despite CCJ. Search for them online, maybe not many but you will surely get some choices. Safe Money Loan are among those.

What are the prerequisites of CCJ loans with no guarantor by the direct lender?

You have to follow some protocols if you are CCJ bound and looking for direct lender loans with no guarantor is there, such as:

  • Bank statements
  • Income proof
  • Employment status
  • Residential history
Can you get a CCJ removed?

Yes you can remove the CCJ against your name but it can only be possible through answering the judgement and paying off the entire debts or loan repayments. You can go for the CCJ loans to arrange the money and clear all the pending dues.

What happens when you get a CCJ?

It will be a tough situation for you if CCJ imposed on you.

  • Your financial trustworthiness is at stake because lenders or the financial company has dragged your name to the court.
  • Getting the loan becomes tough and if you somehow able to get it, then it would be on higher side.
How much does a CCJ affect your credit rating?

It does effect negatively to your credit rating. Most of the people with CCJ against them find themselves into the category of very poor credit score where the loan chances are extremely rare. You are not allowed to fetch a large borrowed sum and that will be on the high interest rates.

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